Entry 93 Knocking on Heavens Doors – Dance Integrity
Entry 106 Stream of Consciousness – The Dance Movement


Solo – Petite

2nd Little Teapot Remix – Dance Integrity
1st Baby I’m a Star – Dance Integrity

Small Group – Petite

1st Glam Girl – Dance Integrity


Glam Girls – Dance Integrity


Oooh La La – Top Hat Dance Centre



Junior Ms Hype
Entry 8 Survive – Kelsey Baker

Teen Ms Hype
Entry 55 Falling in Love – Jessi Zurlis

Senior Mr Hype
Entry 91 Mad World – Julian Valdivia



Petite Improv
Runner Up: Lila Krol
Winner: Layla Lynch

Junior Improv
Winner: Georgia Cain

Teen Improv
Runner Up: Brooke Jensen
Winner: Caroline Pierce

Senior Improv
Runner Up: Samantha Cobb
Winner: Sarah Matthews



Solo Junior

4th Survive – Dance Integrity
3rd All That Jazz – Dance Integrity
2nd Early Embers – The Dance Movement
1st Hallelujah – Dance Integrity

Solo Teen

10th Off Balance – The Dance Movement
9th Mama – Top Hat Dance Centre
8th You Get My Love – Top Hat Dance Centre
7th Shape Up – The Dance Movement
6th Reflections – The Dance Movement
5th Take Me There – Block 16 Studios
4th Falling in Love – Dance Integrity
3rd Black Winter – The Dance Movement
2nd Emergence – The Dance Movement
1st In Between – The Dance Movement

Solo Senior

8th Lights Down Low – Top Hat Dance Centre
7th What Have You Done – The Dance Movement
6th Mad World – The Sparks Academy
5th At Last – Top Hat Dance Centre
4th You Don’t Know – Top Hat Dance Centre
3rd Praying – Dance Integrity
2nd Untethered – The Dance Movement
1st The Art of Saying Goodbye – The Dance Movement

Duo/Trio Junior

1st What A Feeling – Dance Integrity

Small Group – Junior

5th Egyptian – The Dance Movement
4th Lost – The Dance Movement
3rd Boxing – Dance Integrity
2nd Play That Sax – Dance Integrity
1st Undulance – The Dance Movement

Small Group – Teen

4th Dream Team – Dance Integrity
3rd Stories They Couldn’t Tell – The Dance Movement
2nd Knocking on Heavens Doors – Dance Integrity
1st Lola – The Dance Movement

Large Group – Junior

2nd Titanic – Dance Integrity
1st Boss – Dance Integrity

Large Group Teen

2nd Firefly – The Dance Movement
1st Make it Up – The Dance Movement

Large Group – Senior

1st Same Mistake – Top Hat Dance Centre


Novice Petite – Glam Girls – Dance Integrity
Competitive Petite – Shake That – Dance Integrity
Novice Junior – Oooh La La – Top Hat Dance Centre
Competitive Junior – Undulance – The Dance Movement
Competitive Teen – Stream of Consciousness – The Dance Movement
Competitive Senior – Goodbye – The Dance Movement

Choreography Award

Entry 76 Lola – The Dance Movement
Entry 79 Art of Pop – Dance Integrity
Entry 106 Stream of Consciousness – The Dance Movement


Entry 48 Boxing -Dance Integrity
Entry 110 Even Flow – Top Hat Dance Centre